A Glimpse Inside a Father’s Thoughts and Dreams

Having children is the most humbling experience ever. It is vastly different for a mother, who spends 9 months growing an unbreakable bond with the child. For a father, it happens in an instant. One day I was a fun, carefree individual, living life to the fullest. The next day I felt the weight of the world was on my shoulders. I brought another human into this world. I am responsible for their well-being. I need to make sure they have everything their tiny little heart desires. Above all I am now in the dad’s club and have to learn a multitude of dad jokes.

People say everything in your past prepares you for the point where you are in life. However, nothing in my life could have prepared me for the first moment when I held my beautiful daughter ‘Sarah’ in my arms.

The moment I held her, a strange rush of emotions streamed through me as if my entire life had a new purpose. I felt overwhelming joy, gratitude, mixed in with fear of now being responsible for this little bundle of joy.  Thousands of questions ran through my head; will I be able to fulfill my responsibilities, will I be able to provide for my daughter, give her the upbringing that she deserves, make her every wish come true however big or small, protect her and keep her away from all harm. These were just some of the emotions spiraling through me. In hindsight, feeling an even deeper respect for my father for all the struggles he had gone through bringing us up and giving us the best life he could’ve.

3 years down the road, my precious daughter is the darling of the room. Her little feet running across the house resonate with my heartbeat. I know she is too young but my mind is always concerned with her future. I know it is my duty to secure her future to my full ability and give her the best of everything. Her education, her career, and when the heart-wrenching time comes, her wedding. People say even the smallest of decision can have an enormous effect on life. And I will absolutely not let my mistakes affect my perfect family.

Learning from my father and his struggles in life, I was determined to take more control of my destiny.  I want to give my family the financial security should something happen to me, a safety net for the times I’m unable to take care of them.  Buying Life insurance has given me that comfort and ease that my family will be looked after and I can go on living my life without always being surrounded with fears. And most importantly I can ‘live’ to see the dreams I have for my loved ones come to life.

The other day while watching television with my family I came across an ad that I could relate to as a father. Holding that new born in your arms, and the mix of emotions that engulf you as a parent, and the decisions that follow to ensure that the ones who matter most are well looked after. A life insurance policy does just that.

My advice to all parents, well the ‘’dad/baba/aba/abu genre’’ specifically, save and invest wisely for your kids, they’re the only asset which never depreciates.

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