Gillette has announced that it has teamed up with the STARK Industries to produce a line of Avengers inspired razor blades.

Infused with the combined technology of Gillette and STARK Industries, these are the most powerful razor blades in the world. These super-powered, super-charged razor blades will shave off even the toughest and stubborn beard off the face of the shaver.

Why wait, let’s go and grab all of them! Sadly we can’t, because no matter how much we would love to get our hand on these blades, they are fictional.

Gillette has played a cruel joke on the superhero loving lot that we are proud to be. The sound of heartbreak from millions of Avengers fans can be heard far and loud with this news.

Gillette unveiled this Avengers inspired fictional razor blade line at its ‘World Shaving Headquarters’ in Boston, MA, USA.

Gillette, in a genius and entertaining marketing stunt, has cleverly promoted its flagship product, the Fusion Proglide. Not only Gillette but also Marvel benefited from this as it served to remind and hype up the people for the May 1st release of the much anticipated Avengers: Age of Ultron.

The blades have been touted as the innovation resulting in the infusion of Gillette’s technology in collaboration with the Avenger’s technology. Each razor is based on the four members of the Avengers and boasts their weapons as its primary shaving feature.

They are:

The Iron Man inspired ‘Repulsor 1’ razor boasting a mini repulsor arc reactor as a cartridge. This razor shoots off repulsor uni beams to shave the beard off.

The Hulk inspired ‘XL GAMMA’ razor which due to its unstable molecules can grow up to a size 700% larger than it’s original and shave off the toughest beard.

The Thor inspired ‘Thunder’ razor which sports a mini lightning system able to scorch the most stubborn beards with a flash.

The Captain America inspired ‘UltraStrike’ razor which shoots a vibranium mini shield off at the beard shaving it to the absolute end.

The absence of a Hawkeye and Black Widow razor is duly noted. I guess Gillette doesn’t want people shooting off arrows or mini bullets at their beard and for good reason. Still the rest don’t look safe either, but who cares? We would give anything for them.


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