After the critically acclaimed and commercially successful Pakistani action movie ‘Waar’, Pakistani cinema, it seems, has entered into the global fray of technologically advanced, special effects cinematography. Undoubtedly, the cinema has taken immense pride in taking such big steps towards achieving global recognition for its movies.

After the success of ‘Waar’, which starred superstars Shaan Shahid and Shamoon Abbasi, the duo worked together for a less-profitable venture of ‘Operation 21 (O21)’. However, the persistent and dynamic duo is back again with Shamoon Abbasi’s directorial debut film, ‘Gidh’; with the production house releasing the movie’s first teaser trailer earlier this week.


The 40-second trailer does not give away much about the genre of the movie, but it appears to be of the fantasy-thriller genre. It starts off (and quite quickly finishes off) with the Shamoon Abbasi landing on a seemingly-destroyed road amidst a scene of utter chaos, with predatory/vulture-esque wings, and flies towards Shaan, who continues to level a glare on Shamoon. All the special effects in the scene are testament to the fact that Pakistani cinema has unshackled itself from the old-days of hyper-dancing and extreme chauvinism in the movies and has stepped into the global limelight for all the right reasons.

Produced by J.A.R. Production and Shaam Films, the movie has a star-studded cast with the duo of Shaan Shahid and Shamoon Abbasi being supported by Humayun Saeed, Sara Loren (previously Mona Lisa), Ayesha Khan, and Hamza Ali Abbasi amongst a few others. The music of the film is composed by Kamran Akhtar, while the melodious Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Sukhwinder Singh from India feature as playback singers. 

The initial release date was scheduled for August 2014, while it was extended to the end of September, 2014 due to some technical issues. However, the delay in its release are just adding to the suspense of how big a movie this could well turn out to be!