The latest trailer for this year’s “Ghostbusters” reboot features prototype proton packs, screeching ghouls, and the beginnings of what could turn into a river of slime.

Though some of the material has been seen in earlier “Ghostbusters” trailers, this new Japanese-subtitled international reel offers several additional insights.


Those include the unusual job interviewing process that landed the Ghostbusters with their receptionist, Kevin (Chris Hemsworth), as well as a glance at a haunted mannequin and a closer look at big bad guy Rowan, which resembles a towering, grotesque version of the film franchise’s logo.

Paul Feig of “Bridesmaids,” “The Office” and “Spy” directs, with Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones starring.

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“Ghostbusters” commences international rollout the week of July 14, with launch territories including the USA and Canada, Singapore, the Philippines, Brazil, Australia, and the UK and Ireland.

Watch Ghostbusters – Official International Trailer #3: