By Zenub Ayaz

We are currently living in an era where all our emotions can be expressed through our beloved emojis. 


Humans have countless emotions to express and to help them do that in the messaging world, Unicode Consortium has announced the launch a whole lot of 250 brand new emoticon-emojis in its newest 7.0 update.

Unicode consortium is renowned for setting the canons for the ever present emoticons, we now know as emojis.

The list revealed indicates that this release would include a whole lot of new emojis whereas the existing ones are also given a makeover.

Emoticons 1 Emoticons 2

These new emojis would be launched in July, and smartphone manufacturers would need to have their softwares updated, so that we could use these emojis on our smartphones.

Another interesting point is that this time, manufacturers get to choose which emoji they’d like to support. Here is an image of how these emojis will look like:

Following are a few of the oddest new additions:

• Reminder Ribbon

• No Piracy

• Hole

• Sleuth Or Spy

• Clamshell Mobile Phone

• One Button Mouse

• Two Button Mouse

• Three Button Mouse

• Left Anger Bubble

• Right Anger Bubble

• Mood Bubble

• Lightning Mood Bubble

• Lightning Mood

• Very Heavy Solidus

• Very Heavy Reverse Solidus