Gaye Banaspati Enters the Market with Cow-Sized Flaws

This month, Pakistani Cooking oil brands have welcomed an entrant in an already cluttered market. The newcomer is none other than the much talked about “Gaye Banaspati”. The promotional campaign shot in Bangkok has created quite a buzz in the media for all the wrong reasons.

From the name of the brand “Gaye” to the absurd lyrics of its jingle, people find it to be really hilarious and thus the commercial has become the new talk of the town.

The question that arises is why anyone would prefer buying cooking oil named Gaye when consumers are already loyal to other brands like Habib, Meezan and Sufi with much more sane names? Previous owners of Gaye Soap should have at least ensured a quality name to create an impact on its target market.

Apart from the name, the jingle too is a joke in itself. The persistent use of the ‘Gaye’ meaning cow makes the whole concept of the jingle goes look absurd.

Gaye Rung Jamaye (Cow adds colors)

Gaye Ronaq Barhaye (Cow adds to Festivity)

Gaye Zaiqa Laiye (Cow adds taste)

Har Koi Gaye k Gun Gaye (Everyone sings to Cow’s tune)

People even sang along to Tahir Shah’s Eye to Eye but this does not become a reason for people to buy his music. They, in fact, take the song as a big amusement. Similarly, Gaye would not be able to sell it no matter how much its commercial appears funny to be the audience.

Even Juhi Chawla, acting as the ambassador couldn’t save Gaye Banaspati from becoming a laughing stock. One wonders what she actually was thinking while signing the endorsement deal!

As the campaign’s teaser was released, Juhi Chawla’s appearance arose much curiosity and speculations about what brand she is endorsing this time.

Amidst many guesses about the product’s identity, no one thought that it will be a cooking oil named “Gaye” that Chawla will prefer to promote. With eyes popped and jaws dropped, the viewers watched Bollywood’s bubbly star singling along “To Har Koi Gaye Kay gun Gaye”.

Critics have even questioned the idea of casting Juhi Chawala in the commercial when our very own Pakistani actresses could have done so much better. The audience would have related well to someone of their own, rather than an Indian artist.

Consequently, the actress does not suit to the brand image of Gaye Banaspati. We are wondering that was it actually Gaye’s promotion or poor Juhi Chawla’s demotion?

All in all, it seems a very desperate and futile attempt by the brand team to find its way in a competitive market. No way can they make consumers switch to a new brand with this kind of communication.

Share your views on Gaye Cooking Oil’s TVC. Will you prefer to buy it?


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