Very recently, Samsung announced that it is introducing a different variant of the Galaxy Note 4 in South Korea, which is powered by the latest Snapdragon 810 processor and boasts a downloading speed of 300 megabits per second. This will be formally launched in the market in January 2015.

When the Galaxy Note 4 was initially released, it received rave reviews and was even called the true flagship product of Samsung with its sleek and unique design, fast charging ability and convenient multi-tasking features.

It is not known however whether this specific variant of the smartphone will be launched outside South Korea or not. The advertising by Korea’s electronic giants however is publicizing the new model’s better-performing connectivity speed. They are also focusing on how this new Galaxy Note 4 can combine three different frequency bands into the same connection. A fun fact regarding the internet speed is that this new phablet is capable of downloading 10 songs per second.

When first the Galaxy Note 4 was released, it was available in only two variants.

Some of the new features of the upcoming phablet Note 4 include a 16 MP rear-facing camera and 3.7 MP front-facing camera, Android 4.4 and a 5.7-inch Quad HD Super-Amoled display.

It can only be hoped that this new device will not stay exclusive for a specific country only.


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