CNG availability and petrol woes questions haunt an everyday commuter in Pakistan. Fuel queues are seemingly endless for people who own private transportation or travel by public vehicles.

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CNG-off days and fluctuating prices create severe problems for people who use CNG as their primary source of fuel.

To combat this, Basit Saeed created the app ‘FuelUp’ – An app designed to help the everyday commuter, with the following features:

  • The app is designed to provide latest fuel prices. This data is updated on a real-time basis and is linked to where your location is. This specially goes for CNG prices that are more dependent on the location. This way no consumer can be scammed, neither by the petrol pump services or the public transport providers.
  • A lot of vehicle owners opt for CNG fuel instead of petrol due to their own reasons and they have to create specific schedules to avail the commodity at the right time when it is available. This app helps the consumers in scheduling their refill times by informing beforehand, on which days the CNG is available and the locations where it is open or not.


  • Where the stations are located and which stations are near to the consumers’ current location is also a bunch of updates which the app offers.
  • The app is functional, user-friendly and at the same time has an attractive and appealing layout and design.


A review of the app, by the developer, is present on Twittistan for the perusal of the average user as well. In the review, Basit has mentioned that he will add more features to the app gradually as it gains momentum.

The complete official review of the app by Basit Saeed can be read over here as well.

Other than that, currently the app is not made available for iOs users; however it is compatible for all other tablets and Android-based smartphones, whether high-end or low-end.

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Launched on March 23, 2015, at present the app is receiving compliments at the aptness and spot-on need-identification feature of the app.

It is recommended as a good concept and it is yet to see how it is in terms of performance.

The official blog for FuelUp App can be accessed on Medium.com.


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