Even though it is held twice in a year, Fashion Pakistan Week is the most anticipated fashion event in the country. All the top designers race to showcase their glamorous collections trying to outdo each other. This season’s Winter Festive #FPW2016 is currently in session and people are holding their breath, looking for ideas to update their wardrobes.

Let’s take a look at the collections that were unveiled on Day 1. Fashion powerhouses like HSY, Amir Adnan and Maheen Karim were amongst the few who opened fashion week. Their collections surely lived up to the hype.

Amir Adnan

Amir Adnan

The show started off with menswear by Amir Adnan. The collection titled ‘The Way Forward‘ featured dapper tuxedos, signature cut jackets, linen shirts and statement ties. Actor Feroz Khan was the showstopper. One tiny observation, the collection was only marred by the male models who walked the ramp looking very unenthusiastic. Hasnain Lehri aside we really need some better looking male models.

The best from Amir Adnan

The collection in general, was very well put together. However, these three stood out amongst the rest. Could be because of the models.


The not so very best

Nothing wrong with the outfits. They perhaps would have looked better on other models.


Maheen Karim

Maheen Karim

The second collection was by Maheen Karim. Taking inspiration from the women of Habsburg Empire, Tales of Vienna Woods showcased outfits for the woman of today to highlight the epitome of elegance that she is.

The best from Maheen Karim 

The top picks from Maheen Karim’s Collection Tales of Vienna Woods.


The not so very best

While we are all up for recycling, this was maybe taking things a tad bit too far.

Maheen Karim

Mona Imran

The third collection showcased at Winter Festive #FPW2016 was by Mona Imran. Aptly titled ‘Gold Rush‘ it featured delicate gold highlights with outlines, cuts and fine weaving. With wedding season looming up ahead, this collection gave us much fodder to take inspiration from. Observation: female models looked slightly awkward dressed to the nines in traditional Pakistan formal wear. Sajjal Ali was the showstopper for Mona Imran.

The best from Mona Imran


The not so very best

Could be the explosion of gold, could the models being uneasy.

Sobia Nazir

Sobia Nazir

Remember the trend of flapper dresses popular in 1920s? Sobia Nazir brought it back with her collection. A mix of  fur, velvet and leather, it had some very interesting outfits and some that made us scratch our heads.

The best of Sobia Nazir


The not so very best

Yes, she brought back the flapper trend. Did it wow us, not so much. Accompanied by furs the outfits went a little overboard.


Urdu1 presents Kosem Sultan by Shamael Ansari & Amir Adnan

A special presentation, this was a collection by Shamael Ansari & Amir Adnan was based on the Turkish Drama Kosem Sultan, that will being aired on Urdu1. Larger than life outfits fit for a ruler of that era, one was easily transported back in time, right into the courts of kings and queen. Observation: Nadia Hussain looked very grumpy or maybe she was portraying the character of some evil step mother.

Suffuse by Sana Yasir

Suffuse by Sana, showed us that bridalwear can be made in pastels without the world turning upside. Titled ‘Freesia’ the collection featured ethnic embroideries. It reminded us a little of the stunning bridals by Elan. Momal Sheikh was the showstopper dressed in a beige sari.

The best by Sana Yasir

While we do feel sorry for these ladies wearing such heavy outfits, we have to agree they look lovely.


The not so very best

Maybe the outfits were too bulky, or perhaps, they just didn’t excite us the way the others did. The model in the middle looks like she’s holding her breath.


Hamza Bokhari

The collection titled ‘Naurooz’ took inspiration from the forgotten Persian art. All the outfits told the story from the rich Persian heritage that have been lost within the sands of time. The bright colors in this collection were a sharp contrast to the pastels of Sana Yasir.

The Best of Hamza Bokhari


The not so best 

This collection has the distinction of having outfits that took our breaths away. This one is in this list only because the model doesn’t look too happy about it.


The all black collection titled Onyx had some outfits more suited for Halloween than #FPW2016. However we can chalk that up to HSY being HSY. The showstopper was Bilal Ashraf.

The Best of HSY 


The not so best

If you’re thinking of what to dress up as for Halloween? We suggest you take inspiration from these. If Hasnain Lehri’s pants were a little longer and the other model’s jacket slightly more zipped up, they would have escaped this fate.


Which collection was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below?

Picture credits: Movie Shoovy