Former President Pervez Musharraf is Handed Death Sentence by Special Court ( Read Nation’s Reactions)

Pervez Musharraf Hands Death Sentence
Credit: Latestly

Just in– The three-member bench of the special court just sentenced former military dictator Pervaiz Musharraf a death sentence for a long drawn treason case against him. The detailed verdict that is divided into two parts will be issued in the next 48 hours!

The former president of Pakistan is currently in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. The high treason trial of the former military dictator for imposing the state of emergency on Nov 3, 2007, had been pending since December 2013. Source

He was accused in the treason case in December 2013. Musharraf was indicted on March 31, 2014, and the prosecution had documented the entire evidence before the special court in September 2014. However, the trial of the former military dictator delayed on and he left Pakistan in March 2016.

This news about Musharraf broke social media with mixed reactions from the audience.

This one considers this as a historic decision

This one is talking about equality

This one takes it as a courageous decision

This one thinks nobody should be above the law

This one is actually concerned about the nation

This one is talking about other culprits

This guy thinks the sentence of death is unfair

The former lawyer of Musharraf expressing his opinions on the verdict

This one is concern about the justice system

#Musharraf is the top trend on Twitter Pakistan and twitter users are pouring in their reactions. What are your thoughts about this verdict? Share your views in the comments below.

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