Forgot your phone behind? Get Nokia Treasure Tags


By Tooba Zaheer Shaikh

Tags just got digital with Nokia Treasure Tags. These tags are Nokia’s answer to lost keys, wallets, bags and other objects. A Nokia treasure tag is a small (30 X 30 X 10 mm) square tag that can be attached to the objects you are likely to forget at home. 

Once attached, the tags can be paired with Nokia Lumia phones updated to Lumia Black software, the version most suitable to work with this quirky invention. Nokia Treasure Tags are paired easily via Bluetooth or NFC. Fist time pairing will prompt you to download the relevant app, after which you are good to go.

Upto 4 tags can be paired with the phone. Each tag can be identified with a specific icon that may represent the object it is attached to, or can have a picture showing the object. The phone and the tag will emit a loud beep when you try to go out without one of them.


If you altogether miss the beep from one of the objects, they can be tracked to their last location on the map via HERE maps, helping in finding the lost object.

The alarm can also be deactivated (by a long press on the icon or from the Tag app) if you decide to intentionally leave the object behind.


Nokia Treasure Tags will be up for sale in April, at a cost of $30, available in four colors (yellow, white, black, cyan). These tags will also pair with iOS and android devices via third party apps.

Nokia Treasure tags will operate through an easily replaceable standard coin cell, having a battery life of almost 6 months.