The Karachi vs Lahore fight has been going on for quite a while. Be it the food, the amount of rain, or the presence of a beach, residents of these cities have always tried to outdo each other. Reason is, neither have really experienced living in the other city.

7UP has always celebrated the love of food. And the brand knows that regardless of its origin, food in Pakistan is a class apart. To truly make people appreciate the culinary heaven this country possesses, 7UP organized an event ‘#FoodiesWithoutBorders’ in Lahore. The aim of this event was to unite foodies since good food knows no borders. For this they invited food vendors from across the country to gather under one roof. So the people attending the event got a rare chance to taste the food that they hadn’t before.


Nearly 20 authentic food vendors from Peshawar, Karachi and Lahore were invited and famous dishes from each city such as Namak Mandi, Dhaga Kebab and Phajjey ke Paye were served to a ravenous crowd of people, all at the same place.

As the news of this event spread, celebrities like Ahmed Ali Butt, Cybil J. Chowdhry and Nauman Javed were also seen in attendance trying out the delicious cuisines. While we have seen food festivals held in the past, they usually offered food from places operating within the city, food that one can have anytime. This event however, was one of a kind.


Attendees could not only enjoy food that they love, but also got to try out specialities of other cities – a chance they do not get too often. Another first was the special video booth at the event, where people went to record their love for food to share with everyone. To make the experience even more memorable, the band Khumariyaan entertained everyone throughout the night with their groovy instruments.



What a perfect way to celebrate the love for food. For those who attended, it was a fabulous experience. For the ones who couldn’t, a moment of major envy. Let’s hope 7UP organizes similar events in other cities in the very near future.

The complete list of food vendors at the event:


  1. Chullu Kebab
  2. Burns Road Bun Kebab
  3. Karachi Haleem
  4. Karachi Biryani
  5. Liaquatabad Pani Puri and Dahi Barrey
  6. Merathi Dhaga Kebab
  7. 7Up Limka


  1. Waris Nihari
  2. Kaka Gurda Champ
  3. Zakir Tikka
  4. Arif Chatkhara House
  5. Phajjey ke Paaye
  6. Bhaiya Kebab
  7. Cheeka Chikker Chaney
  8. 7Up Doodh Soda


  1. Peshawari Seekh Kebab
  2. Allahuddin Chapal Kebab
  3. Peshawari Charsi Tikka
  4. Namak Mandi, Kabuli Pulao
  5. Maalga Namkeen Rosh
  6. Maalga Goat Sajji