It has rightly been said by the great George Bernard Shaw that “There is no love sincerer than the love of food”.

This Valentine’s Day, Pakistan’s leading beverage brand 7Up proved it once and for all that nothing in this whole wide world can ever match the warmth of love humans can share with the delicious, scrumptious, divine FOOD with #ABetterLoveStory campaign!

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Undeniably, love and food are inseparable! People make so many mistakes whilst falling in that they end up terribly regretting most of it. But never do they regret lovably munching mouth watering samosas or crave-worthy french fries, bringing them bouts of ecstatic pleasure.

Compared with romantic partners, food is simple! So who needs a boyfriend when food is constantly there to delight us? It’s hot, its pleasing, it’s good looking and of course, so much fun than mundane relationships!

7Up teamed up with Mooro and brought us the true tale of food love. While relationships can only bring you down, only food can bring you the true joy of life. Watch the video below!

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Catching up with 7Up’s campaign, the social media burst with their own adorable adventures of love for food. But there was one great soul of a die-heart foodie, Saad Hameed whose epic narrative won amongst all.

According to Hameed’s story, his oven-roasted chicken won over any other conventional love story since his chicken didn’t just make empty promises like humans. Instead, it sacrificed itself for love so he could devour his delectable meal!

saad hameed


saad hameed 2

For his awesome take on 7Up’s #ABetterLoveStory, the lucky guy won a whopping 10,000 rupees for Aylanto’s Café and lived happily ever after!

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Why don’t you share your #ABetterLoveStory with your favorite dish on Brandsynario? We would love to hear your best love story!