Five Slang Phrases Every Pakistani Uses in Everyday Life

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By Tanzeel Hassan

Slang words and phrases have become a part of our daily communication, no matter what language we use.

Thanks to the web and social media, a lot of internet slang is added to our vocabulary and the micro-communication has made life even messier.

I have seen people saying ‘ROFL’ and ‘LOL’ instead of laughing during face-to-face communication.

It takes a second to use the brain; I wonder why people don’t bother to do so. Anyways, there are a lot of interesting and popular Urdu slang phrases that we all have used at some point in our lives, let’s take a look at them, what they mean and how they are used.

1. Topi Pehnana/ Krana

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The phrase is mostly used to fool someone. ‘Sorry kam nai ho saka, shehr se bahar tha’ (Sorry your work is not being done, I was out of station), ‘Topi nai karao.’ 

If someone gives too much lame excuses or throws too many topiyans towards you, you can even call him a topi. ‘Topi, idher ao.’

He won’t get embarrassed or finish your work on time, but who knows you might get some silly internal satisfaction.

2. Meter Ghoom Jana

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Fare meters have vanished from auto rickshaws and taxis since long, I don’t remember the last time I saw them working in these vehicles. 

But the virtual meters fitted in our heads ran quite frequently, speedily and sometime without any major reason.

The phrase is commonly used to indicate or warn someone of your anger. ‘Panga mat lo, mera meter ghoom jae ga’ (Don’t mess with me, I will lose my temper.)

3. Dimagh ki lassi Banana

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If you are sitting with an idiot, garrulous, or a self-centered person, the phrase will help you describe your condition. 

It shows the feeling of nuisance and frustration. Making a lassi, dahi or chatni is always nice, you don’t have to be good at culinary for it but being a victim is certainly troublesome.

4. Screw Dheela Hona

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The world is full of insane and stupid people just turn your head you will find many around you.

An easy way to describe them is through this phrase. They amaze you, make you laugh and screw you up.

The most amusing part is that people whose screws are loosened don’t know about it; you have to tell them. Be generous; don’t waste time, loose screws can fall easily. 

5. Band Bajna

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The phrase is often used when someone goes through a joking, embarrassing, confusing or shameful situation, widely used when friends pull each other’s legs.

Don’t give anyone a chance to beat your drums, instead do the honors yourself! 

Can you think of more Slang phrases?