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We have been conditioned to believe that general knowledge is a subject that must be taught in school. However, the truth is far from that. Improving one’s general knowledge is a slow and steady process, and it goes beyond teaching a book. G.K helps children to relate and understand the varied facets of the world and its working better. However, today, when the prospect of social media and technology has taken over, it becomes tough to engage the children in healthy activities.

So, how would you improve your child’s general knowledge? The key is to boost their hunger for knowledge. Try these methods, which will help your child to enhance their general knowledge skills.

1. Reading 

Various genres of books, be it fiction or nonfiction, can help your child improve their comprehensibility and linguistic skills along with general knowledge. Reading ignites an interest which in turn increases the thirst for knowledge. Create a habit of reading newspapers, which is potentially the best source for improving one’s knowledge.

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2. Interactive Educational Games

Educational toys and games help children remember things easily and for a longer time. Yet, they create an interest that might not result from books as they seem like a forced burden.

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3. Quiz Shows 

Quiz shows are one of the best resources to get a lot of information in a limited time. You can also arrange a quiz show at home which includes little activities and questionnaires from the books your child is currently reading.

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4. Discuss and Debate 

Engaging in healthy discussion will help increase the G.K, but it will also help retain things in memory. Verbal resources are one of the most efficient tools to grasp and remember the little things.

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5. Make Use Of Media 

While the internet and television can be great resources to impart general knowledge to your kids in an entertaining manner, make sure to watch out for what your child is watching. Use the internet together and make learning exciting.

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Improving your child’s G.K will help your child to become a better-informed individual. With a bit of investment in time and resources, you can make learning fun for both yourself and your children.

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