A string of bad luck has hit the international governing body of football, FIFA.

Seemingly, the decision to host the 2022 World Cup in Qatar have landed FIFA in hot waters as allegations have begun to rise that the country has bought the rights for hosting the tournament.

Also, the U.S Department of Justice has arrested 14 former and current FIFA officials in charges of corruption and fraud in upcoming tournaments of 2018 in Russia and 2022 in Qatar.

As if this was not enough, FIFA’s mighty kingdom have now started to wobble even badly, with the death of 1400 migrant workers in the construction of the site due to the deadly working conditions and harsh weather.

Meanwhile, the world has crashed down for the Nepalese laborers who are not even being permitted to visit the funerals of their families in the home country, after the devastating earthquake that shook the Himalayan kingdom.

These dire reports are provoking activists and soccer fans worldwide to mock and target the brand bandwagon, sponsoring the FIFA World Cup.

A group of designers have unleashed “anti-logos” for brands that are supporting FIFA despite the ongoing controversies on the ArtPeople Facebook page.

Re-imagined as Abusers of Human Rights, the logos have been appallingly twisted into gruesome designs to shame the rich, corporate houses backing FIFA.

Check out the shocking images below:

(image courtesy: ArtPeople Facebook page)


1. McDonald’s


2. Coca-Cola


3. Adidas




4. Visa


5. Budweiser


6. Sony


7. Hyundi


8. Kia


The magnificent game seems not so magnificent anymore for the sponsoring brands. Will this global outrage change things for the FIFA World Cup 2022?

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