Pakistani heartthrob, Fawad Khan, has reportedly turned down Sohail Khan’s next project, Punjabi Nikah, on account of “not liking the script and the role offered to him”.

This may not come as a surprise as Sohail Khan’s movies usually lack good storytelling and work only because of the presence of his Bhai. The upcoming project, Punjabi Nikah, is said to be loosely based on the rom-com, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, where Khan was supposed to play the role of a Muslim Nawab’s son in love with a Hindu girl.

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Currently with many big banner movies under his belt, dropping Sohail Khan’s project might not be a big deal for Khan, however, rumor has it that he might be dropped out of Rhea Kapoor’s ‘Battle For Bittora’ too.

Fawad has always been very clear and strict about his no-kissing-no-bold-scenes clause for Bollywood movies and it seems like it’s going to cost him losing Battle For Bittora, opposite Sonam Kapoor.

Filmfare recently reported that Rhea Kapoor is in talks with Siddharth Malhotra for a part in Battle For Bittora. Whether, it’s in place of Fawad Khan or alongside him, it’s still unclear.

Khan and Malhotra are also appearing together opposite Alia Bhatt in Karan Johar’s Kapoor & Sons. For this project too, Khan refused to get intimate with Bhatt too, as he believes such vulgar scenes would offend his core audience.

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Even back here in his homeland, Fawad Khan has always kept intimate scenes to a bare minimum, using just his acting skills to create sizzling chemistry with his female co-stars.

The fact that Khan is sticking to his principles in spite of the fact that it might cost him his very imminent bright future in Bollywood is applaudable. Sticking to his core values and beliefs might make Khan lose a few projects across the border, but he will continue to rule our hearts back home.