Fatima Bhutto Spoke Out Against Dawkin’s Anti-Islamic Tweets

fatima bhutto

In times when religion is quite a touché topic all over the world, yet another heated debate surfaced on social media-this time between the well-known western author and staunch atheist, Richard Dawkins and Pakistani poet and writer, Fatima Bhutto.

While Dawkins is notorious for being outspoken about his conflicting views on religion; he choose Islam like many other times to raise his voice against.

Questioning the concept of feminism in Islam, he tweeted:

Instantly he was greeted with not-so-welcoming retorts by the Twitteratis, majority of them being the ladies.

Although he received many replies to his dubious concern, it was the spree of fiery responses of Fatima Bhutto that spiced up the discussion, all the more!

Sporting her “no-nonsense” attitude, the lady hailing from Pakistan’s political dynasty took no time to bash the prominent biologist and made it clear that his advice was surely not not required.

While Richard Dawkins never falls short of rounding up controversial comments on religion, his comments appear to be the most blunt about his aversion towards Islam.

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