Today, Facebook announced an update to its ‘Trending Topics’ section that will make the list of news stories a lot easier to view with a more detailed layout.

This is not Facebook’s first new feature. Recently the company has been making many changes to become more user-friendly.

Let’s say that you own an iPhone. For Apple users, in order to get multiple stories from different outlets, the individual simply has to click on a news topic which is shown in the search bar.

These multiple stories can be shared in its standard format and can be swiped in a carousel format from pages you follow.

For the long-run, the company has plans in the pipeline to redesign this feature for Android and bring it to desktop very soon.

Moreover, what’s different from the previous design is that this time, instead of just one word relating to the trending topic, Facebook has put up a headline for each topic, as well as a picture relating to it, and a source and the number of other sources.

The design has only been released in the US so far and is still being called a ‘test’ by Facebook. We are expecting it to roll out for Android by year end.

Contributed By: Kinza Ghanchi