Facebook, being one of the most used and popular social media platforms is doing everything possible on its end to seize the trend of ‘Fake News’. In the past year, this trend has immensely increased!

These news are either spread in the form of either hoax or as click bate so that people can share them an make it go viral.

However, they are also annoying and are incorrect which eventually lead to inconvenience.

Fake News Button

In order to tackle this, the company is introducing a button on top of articles shared on Facebook and will provide context to the readers so that they are able to make a wise decision about whether to read the news and trust the source.

On clicking the ‘i’ (information) button users will see relevant information either from Facebook or from external sources.

According to Facebook;

“The additional contextual information is pulled from across Facebook and other sources, such as information from the publisher’s Wikipedia entry, a button to follow their Page, trending articles or related articles about the topic, and information about how the article is being shared by people on Facebook. In some cases, if that information is unavailable, we will let people know, which can also be helpful context.”

What do you think about Facebook’s method of tackling fake news?

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