This article is written by Javeria Fahad

With the ongoing unpredictability and worry that has become the center of discussion throughout organizations, one crucial thing to consider to boost productivity is that the employees need to be the center of focus. Living in the digital age, progressive companies have adopted an employee-centric approach – baselining human understanding and empathy.

Before we dive into the depths of this topic, we need to understand what the term employee-centric means. The ability to speak freely, expressing ideas without being suppressed, and putting forward employee-friendly policies is how you build an employee-centric company.

Prioritizing the employee experience over corporate branding

The growing materialism that has encroached on us has made us self-indulgent that we can cater to the needs and wants of our employees. A sense of belonging and connection with the company is what an employee craves, but somehow, even the leading businesses fail to anticipate the expectations of their workers. Being a part of a modern workforce and staying one step ahead in today’s competitive and fast-moving environment, companies need to back their employees by providing support and making them feel valued.

A report by Deloitte states that nearly 80 percent of executives rated employee experience to be very important. Many companies in Pakistan have changed their organizational structure and shifted complete focus on their employees. Systems Limited is a bona fide representation of an employee-centric company. It revolves around its employees and ensures high levels of motivation amongst them. With its diverse corporate culture and relentless pursuit to attain new heights of innovation, it has given employees the chance to voice their opinions and feel valued. Companies should emphasize on employee-ownership as it encourages them to take on more work.

Making employee-centric culture a reality

Let us take a closer look at how companies can incorporate an employee-centric approach and can ease themselves from the fear of falling back. We live in a virtual economy and an ever-evolving world; companies globally need to connect and engage with their employees to ensure success. The world we live in is employee-centric, and corporations must prioritize employee satisfaction and the happiness of their workforce.

Working in the best companies in Pakistan, we get to see how innovative ideas and inspirations spread from one person to another. If an employee is fully invested in a company and is making the most out of it, it is merely because they feel involved and happy. Giving employees a voice by removing as many communication barriers as possible will make them feel valued. It is about time all these companies introduce a culture where employees have a chance to communicate beyond the old-fashioned suggestion box.

The more face-to-face communication is encouraged, the more profitable our companies will become. Giving employees the liberty to do whatever they like and putting them first from the day they begin their professional journey in a company will lead to better results. The most important aspect of adopting an employee-centric approach is to learn to trust the employees. Frequent handholding and micromanagement can lead to distress and can kill the motivation to work. To become a part of the best company culture, we need to make sure that the employees working for us are satisfied to their fullest. If companies take care of their employees, employees will reciprocate.

Employee-centrism is a movement, and you do not want to be left behind.