Good news for those looking for work, UAE based airlines, Emirates, and Etihad have both announced job opportunities. The airlines are amongst the best carriers across the globe and being a part of the crew would mean enjoying the endless perks awarded to the company’s staff.

The popular airlines are known for its excellent services and would, therefore, be looking for very best to fly with them.

Vacancies for Emirates

According to a job posting on the Emirates website, the airline is looking for captains and first officers for Airbus A380 and Boeing 777 aircraft. The vacancies are for A380 and B777 passenger, and B777 Skycargo freighter.


What to Expect: 

  1. Monthly Salary for the captain of passenger Airbus A380 and Boeing 777 will get a total of Dh58,770 tax-free. Accommodation allowance included in the monthly package.
  2. A B777 Skycargo freight captain will receive Dh 47,875 tax-free. Accommodation allowance included.
  3. First Officer for passenger A380 or B777 will receive Dh 44,540 Tax-free. Accommodation allowance included.
  4. First Officer with freight services will earn Dh 35,935 tax-free monthly including accommodation allowance.


  1. Captains and first officers receive life and accident insurance, medical and dental coverage and loss of license insurance.
  2. Chauffeur facility, company uniforms, dry cleaning.
  3. Platinum discount cards

Leave Allowance: 

  1. 42 days of annual leave for captains and first officers
  2. 12 days for freight services.

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Vacancies for Etihad Airways:

Abu Dhabi based Etihad Airways posted some job positions this week, including that of aircraft captain, first officer, and flight instructors. Positions are open for A320, B777 and B787 services.

What to Expect: 

  1. Captain for passenger A320, B777 and B787 will earn Dh 35,200 monthly with an annual increment of 2%.
  2. First Officer flying a passenger A320, B777 and B787 will receive a monthly salary of Dh 26,000 and an annual increment of 2%.


  1. Life and accident insurance for captains and first officers
  2. Staff travel allowances
  3. End of service benefits
  4. Flight duty allowance of Dh40 per flying hour.
  5. Housing allowance of up to Dh160,000 annually
  6. Primary education allowance of Dh 36,000 for up to 4 children
  7. Secondary education allowance of Dh 50,400 for up to 4 children

Leave Allowance:

Captains and first officers with passenger services are eligible for 42 days of annual leave every year.

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