eid 2014

Every year, the hype and excitement of Eid far exceeds the actual reality of the three days. All plans to socialize, greet and dress up blur out in front of a cozy bed and a box of Pizza. Let’s take a reality check of what exactly happens on the three days of Eid.

Plan –  To Wake Up at 7:15 am for Namaz

Reality Check – Ammi’s Chapal Wakes You Up at 1:00 pm!

sleep gif

Plan – To Control and Eat Less

Reality Check – You Ended up Eating Like an Ogre!



Plan –  To Have a Blast with Friends

Reality Check  –  You Were Caught Between Unknown Relatives till 12 AM at Night!

save from relatives


Plan – To be the ‘Social Guy’ in the Family

Reality Check –  The Bed and the TV Looked too Cozy to be Left Empty

watching tv


Plan – To Get 5000 Eidi

Reality Check –  All You Managed to Get was 500!

im rich

Plan – To Be Rich After Eid

Reality Check – You Ended Up Broke Instead

help me i m poor

Plan- Partying All Night On Chaand Raat

Reality Check- Doing Ghar Ki Safai

eid gif

Plan – Dress To The Nines

Reality Check- Looks Like A Massi


Plan- Watch The Latest Movie In Cinema With Friends & Family

Reality Check- Watching Eid Transmissions on local TV channels

movie gifs

Plan- Eat Ah-mazing Eid Biryani

Reality Check-  Eating Ramadan’s Leftover Samosay & Chaat

eid xpctatiobs