Abdul Sattar Edhi left an ever lasting mark on the many lives he touched throughout his life. He will always be celebrated, his services and humility remaining exemplary for generations to come.

Recently, Japanese business media group ‘Nikkei’ – the owner of Financial Times- awarded Edhi Foundation, for Nikkei Asia Awards 2017 in the Culture & Community Category.

Annually, the Nikkei Asia Awards distributes accolades in 3 categories:

  • Economic and Business Innovation
  • Science and Technology
  • Culture and Community

Prize recipients are also rewarded with a prize gift of 3 million Japanese Yen. Faisal Edhi, the son of the modest humanitarian will be flying to Tokyo to receive this prestigios award.

Furtthermore, to honor the late legend ‘Edhi’ and his revered social organization, Nikkei Asian Review penned a thoughtful piece. It paid a heart-warming tribute to the philanthropist’s struggle that began far back in 1951.

Over the years, the foundation has grown by leaps and bounds, so much so, that now it is working on a 120-bed hospital project in Karachi.

Time and time again, Edhi taught us that the world can be a happy place if we come together to make it one. While he rose above all differences and embraced all humanity in his haven, we truly can never thank this honorable humanitarian enough for his efforts.

Yet, we can take a leaf out of Abdul Sattar Edhi’s book- unite, work hard and devote our lives to a better, peaceful world!