While a heatwave warning had been issued earlier by Pakistan’s Metrological Department, dusty-laden winds have taken over Karachi. Citizens of the city of lights can breathe a sigh of relief as there seems to be no heatwave in sight as per the MET department.

Due to the northeastern winds blowing over the city the mercury rose to 37 degrees centigrade and humidity dropped to 30%.

Karachi’s Weather Update For The Weekend!


The country is experiencing reduced temperatures in upper areas due to the westerly wave. Heavy rainfall, gusty winds, and hailstorm occurred in the northern parts of the country. However, Karachites will only experience dry and dusty weather but with lower temperatures.

Here’s how Karachites are reacting to the dust storms and no rain!


Hospitals have already stocked up on supplies for the heat wave and camps for emergencies have started setting up in different parts of the city. Precautionary measures to prevent casualties from the heat are underway.


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