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Pakistan’s popular YouTuber, Ducky Bhai, called out TikTokers for not joining other mediums to generate content. Indirectly, he called the tikTokers cringy and talentless.

YouTuber of the year PISA2020 left a tweet full of hatred after India banned Chinese App, Tiktok. While the app has not been banned in Pakistan, TikTokers at this side of the border are horrified of losing the app as some of them have a massive following.

Even if Tiktok gets banned in Pakistan just like in India, non-lip sync, talented and less cringy people are welcome to YouTube. Rest stay the fuck away from the platform for God’s sake.

We agree that content on YouTube is far more mature than that of content on TikTok, but this was straight up rude. TikTok is the only app that has given some amount of power to micro-influencers.

After ducky bhai’s hateful tweet, social media uproared and questioned the quality of content created by the YouTuber himself over the years. For those of you who don’t know, Ducky bhai’s content has been labeled as problematic many times.


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Kuttay wala filter lagati thi, Socha wafadaar bhi hogi. *Insert TikTok music*

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A twitter user said that if anyone needs to stay away from the internet, it is ducky Bhai himself.

He received his fair share of response after the hateful tweet.

A twitter user said, “every platform has cringy content, and problematic content don’t generalize, and upar se TikTok was a good platform for some people like they could finally express themselves, your elitism shows”. 

This was the funniest response! YouTube is free for everyone, anyone can access it, or create content on the video-based website.

Why did India ban Tiktok? 

The Indian government banned a total of 59 Chinese mobile applications. These 59 apps include Tiktok, WeChat, Helo, and many others. The ban took place because these applications pose a threat to India’s “sovereignty and security.”

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