After 10 years of sheer dedication, father-son duo Nasrullah Mehr and Zeeshan Mehr have launched a calligraphic-based Urdu font for the web. Mr Nasrullah Mehr is an award winning Pakistani calligraphic artist whose work has been published on several different platforms including newspapers, magazines, books, and more.

Their newest work-of-art came into being with the support of Dr. Umar Saif, Vice Chancellor of Information Technology University (ITU) and the technical assistance of linguistic technology expert, Dr. Agha Ali Raza, from ITU’s Center for Speech and Language Technologies (CSaLT) laboratory.

The Mehr-e-Nastaliq Web Font is compatible with more advanced OpenType Font (OTF) technology. Although the font has been licensed for companies like Microsoft for platforms like MS Word, there is a simple way to download it!

How to Download Mehr-e-Nastaliq

  1. Click here to access the download url
  2. Scroll down till you see the tab reading ‘Download Font’
  3. Open downloaded file and click on ‘Install’
  4. Wait for the installation to finish
  5. Open Control Panel, find the ‘Fonts’ setting and drag the file

This font has following features:

  • Faster rendering speed as compared to other Nastaliq fonts
  • OTF Font file size reduced up to an amazing 108 kb only
  • Best look according to National Calligraphic Standards
  • Open Type, character based, Lahori Nastaliq Font
  • Aaraab and marks support
  • Limited Kashida support
  • Reduced line height


  • Calligrapher: Nasrullah Mehr
  • Font Designer: Muhammad Zeeshan Nasar
  • Project Supervisor: Dr. Agha Ali Raza
  • Project Director: Dr. Umar Saif
  • Project Coordinator: Sohail Abdullah

Congratulations! You have downloaded Mehr-e-Nastaliq!

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