Donald Trump has become President of the United States of America and the whole world lost its chill. There was an uproar on social media regarding Trump’s victory and amidst all the frenzy, a local news channel broadcasted a prime-time report that the newly elected American president was born in Pakistan.

Neo News took the social media sarcasm a bit too seriously and reported the news in a sensational way that Trump was a Pakistani child named, Dawood Ibrahim Khan.

According to Neo News, this was Trump’s childhood picture in Pakistan!


Sporting an enthusiastic tone, the media anchor revealed Trump’s parents died in 1954 road accident and  his early education was from a Madrasa in Waziristan.

What is more, the report added that  British Indian Army captain then took Dawood to London and transformed him to Donald Tump.

See the shocking news report by NEO News for yourself here!

For those who don’t know, Donald Trump was born New York on June 14, 1946. He then began a real estate business with his dad after he graduated from college.

Seems like the news channel did not care what they are reporting to reap the ratings and eventually, misled the viewers.

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