November 9th 2016 is a historic day! This day, today, Donald Trump became the 45th American President of the United States leaving the entire world in a state of intense shock. The #USElections2016 have been in the news for months with the whole world highly anticipating the next leader of the superpower state.

Social media has been in a state of frenzy since the announcement, trolling America for selecting Trump as their leader! Pakistanis, on the other hand, had some interesting opinions to share. Twitter and facebook are abuzz with hilarious memes and tweets.

Some compared Hilary’s Loss to Imran Khan while others compared Trump’s win with Nawaz Sharif’s in Pakistan.


Others are merely concerned about the fate of Muslims and Pakistanis in America.Political faces like Imran Khan, Bilawal Bhutto, Shireen Mazari and journalists such as Hamid Mir and others were of some strong opinions too!

See what trump had to say back in 1998 and how he actually proved it in the #USPresidentialElections2016:

Here is how Influential Pakistanis & Leaders Reacted to Trump’s Win!

Journalists, celebrities, and media big wigs also had some strong opinions!

American Elections 2016: Shocking Results Cause Canadian Immigration Website to Crash

 Here is how Pakistanis reacted in general

Some were concerned about Immigration and Pakistani in America.

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Some  compared Hilary’s Loss & Trump’s Win to Imran Khan’s political situation

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While some were just plain hilarious!

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Few also compared Trump’s Victory to Nawaz’s Victory

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See how the world reacted to Trump’s Victory!

American Election 2016: Hilarious Memes on Trump’s Win That Will Make Your Day Less Depressing!

Is the world going to crash and burn now? Let’s wait & see!

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