The month of Ramadan makes us re-evaluate our lives. The month is all about kindness and gratitude. It teaches us to realize the pain of the less fortunate, and keeping that in mind, help them to our best ability.

Since the beginning of the holy month, our television screens have been flooded with various Ramadan specific advertisements.  While they may be promoting their own brands, they share a common theme : the message of sharing, caring and gratitude.

Keeping with the spirit of the holy month , Kisan foods has aired an ad that is not only spreading the message of helping the less fortunate, it takes a step further by integrating the TVC with digital media and is providing a platform to people to do good.


People often pledge and intend to do good deeds in Ramadan, but at times may not be able to follow through. However,  Kisan Foods, has made the process simple and easy and you can now join in and share the blessings.

All that is required is to simply  watch an ad for a cooking oil – any cooking oil, regardless of the brand, then visit the  Kisan Foods Facebook Page and post a comment or status using the hashtag #DoGoodWithKisan, Rs. 50 will be donated on their behalf.  The Hashtag can be used on Kisan Foods Instagram and Twitter accounts as well.

Going beyond just promoting their brand, Kisan Foods has opened the campaign for all cooking oil brands. Using minimal effort, Kisan Foods is allowing all digital media users a chance to help those in need, right from the comfort of their home.

Kisan Oil Ad

The campaign originally started with a donation of Rs. 10, but owing to the overwhelming response within the first two weeks, Kisan increased the per mention donation from Rs. 10 to Rs. 50 to change even more lives in the holy month of Ramazan. Kisan is truly grateful for all your efforts. Stay tuned and keep mentioning #DoGoodWithKisan.

For more details or to be a part of this campaign, please visit:

Twitter: @KisanFoodsPK

Instagram: KisanKitchen