The “Festival of Lights” commemorated by Hindus and Sikhs of the subcontinent, Diwali will kick start on Wednesday, November 11 and will last for five days till Sunday, November 15.

While the Hindu community in Pakistan is a minute minority of 8 million, they freely celebrate their cultural event with joy and enthusiasm, exchanging sweets and decorating their homes with rangolis and diyas.


The colorful celebration calls for adorning beautiful Mehndi on hands of ladies and illuminating the sky with a band of mesmerizing firecrackers. In Karachi’s Shri Swaminarayan Mandir, Hindus from all over the city and even outside the metropolis visit there for the festival. It is a ritual at the Mandir that a celebratory fountain of fireworks meet the sky in the delight of Diwali.


No matter how uptight the cross border situation is between India and Pakistan, soldiers from both the nations share sweets in Diwali observance.


Meanwhile in India, Diwali is a public holiday, bringing extreme excitement and high happiness. The nation’s religious spots become all decked up with embellishments and ornamentation in honor of the festivity.


What’s more, even in U.K and U.S.A,  Diwali celebrations are some of the biggest with people of various nationalities coming together for a extravagant displays of lanterns, candles and fireworks.

UK diwali

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