Junaid Jamshed might have departed from the world, but he has left his voice behind. He gave Pakistan the biggest hits in the history of music “Dil Dil Pakistan”. The melody has traveled far and wide. It even ranked 3rd in 2003’s BBC World Service international poll of popular songs.

And recently, a young girl in Turkey Noor Yelmaz gave a heartwarming tribute to singer turned scholar by singing “Dil Dil Pakistan”. She totally nailed it.

And now her version of Dil Dil Pakistan is making rounds on the internet.

Watch it for yourself here!


“Barhti Rahay Yeh Roshni… Chalta Raha Yeh Karwaan“, the melody will make you nostalgic and will remind you of J.J’s Vital Sign days!

Seems like these Turkish singers have a knack of nailing Pakistani tunes. Earlier, two Turkish men Emirhan Özdemir and ağrı Hakan Eser paid tribute to Junaid Jamshed too! And boy, they were goooood!

Listen to the Turkish duo singing Junaid Jamshed’s Aitebar here!


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