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Accidents can happen anywhere. That may not be a marker of incompetency but not having alternate routes about it does show your capability. The recent accident which shows competent or not such competent behaviour happened at Lahore Airport. DHL Plane that transports cargo witnessed tyre-burst in the middle of the runway. But this one incident has affected all flights destined for Lahore or flights that were supposed to take off from there.

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DHL Plane Lahore

The accident happened on the only runway of the Lahore Airport, which means no other planes can taxi for takeoff or land at the airport. As a result, the flights that were supposed to come to Lahore have been redirected to other destinations or delayed. The flights scheduled to take off from Lahore have also been delayed.

The incident happened at 7:30 pm Pakistan time where six tyres burst after rejected takeoff due to engine failure. DHL’s Boeing 767 stood disabled. To deal with the situation, PIA engineers were called in for help.

People were suffering all around the world because of this mishap.

Netizens’ meme contest 

Even though this happened last night only but Pakistanis memers were quick to get a grasp of the situation. Not long after, they were tweeting the freshly made memes. Have a look:

“Because of course, a Boeing 767 is a Mehran, right? Just need a tube change…”

The situation got dealt with

The situation seems to have gotten resolved in the morning at 3 am and the airport has resumed flight operations. However, even though the operations have resumed, considering there is only one operational runway, the backlog of flights must have not aided everyone right away; passengers in other countries must have remained stranded for more hours and most domestic passengers must have had to scramble to book other flights post their flight cancellation.

International passengers must have to face a lot more trouble given how travelling during COVID times requires PCR and the test has a short validity period. Hopefully, airports around the world wherever the flight was supposed to come from to Lahore would have assisted the passengers in this matter.

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But this does lead to one asking why one mishap at a fairly busy airport led to all flights being diverted or delayed. Why was it that at such a major International airport, there was only one runway?

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