Defence Housing Authority (DHA) will be inaugurating state-of-the-art graveyards for the people residing in Phase VIII by May 2016. Almost 1,400 graves are ready whereas numerous more are yet to be completed, Express Tribune reported.

As per Brigadier Zubair Ahmed, the DHA administrator said that this graveyard will be exclusive for the Phase VIII community.

Presently, the residents of DHA buried their loved ones in graveyards administered by the Cantonment Board Clifton (CBC) in Phase I and Phase IV; however both were running out of capacity, hence this step was undertaken.


“The CBC is responsible for development activities in all other phases of DHA but Phase VIII comes under us,” said Ahmed.

The graves are being created beforehand so that people can avoid the hassle of waiting for the graves to be dug up at the time of demise. After burying their loved ones, the residents can leave it up to the authorities to inscribe the details and messages of the deceased.

The burial charges have been predicted to be higher than those of other cemeteries but the authorities insist that the charges will not be more than a ‘few thousand rupees.’

Almost 5.75 acres of land has been allotted to the cemetery which will have up to 4,000 graves, according to the DHA administrator’s authority.

A database of the deceased will also be created and maintained to help their loved ones visit the graves with ease.

The modern cemetery will be powered by solar light technology along with a video linking system that will be put into place for those who are far away and want to view the grave of the dear, departed souls.

The project director Brigadier Muhammad Rashid  Butt said, “They will just have to punch in the grave number and see the grave.”

He also added, “Web cameras will be installed and a special information technology room is being set up for this purpose.”

Catering to the needs of people belonging to various sects, the graveyard will be segmented into different sections, with customized ones for shuhada (martyrs) and children. A tiled structure will also be designed for funeral prayers to be offered.

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