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Apple, the tech giant that revolutionized the way we interact with technology, has a rich history of iconic devices. As we reminisce about the past, let’s explore which iPhones and iPods have earned the titles of “vintage” and “obsolete.” These classifications not only evoke nostalgia but also shed light on Apple’s commitment to innovation and sustainability.

1. Apple iPhone 5S: The Pioneer

Launched in September 2013, the iPhone 5S was revolutionary. The 64-bit Apple A7 CPU and the Touch ID fingerprint authentication technology were first unveiled to the world during this event. However, why is it deemed outdated these days?

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Well for starters, for out-of-date items, Apple stops providing any hardware support whatsoever making the device slower as time progresses. You’re out of luck if your reliable iPhone 5S requires repairs beyond this point and time, be it through official channels or third-party. 2018 was the year where we saw the release of iOS 12, the last significant software upgrade for the iPhone 5S. It hasn’t kept up with the most recent iterations of iOS since then and has been moved to the shelves.

2. iPhone 5C: The Colorful Sibling

The iPhone 5C, which debuted alongside the iPhone 5S, was primarily on affordable prices and vivid colors. Regretfully, Apple has already added it to their list of outdated goods. Not surprising at all—its destiny is the same as that of its older brother. I can recall to this day, how it used to stand out from the crowd. Heck I even ended up buying my mother the same phone so its easier for her to find it out from a couple of blacked out bricks.

Apple iPhone 5c
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3. The Apple iPod Touch (6th Gen): A Musical Journey

Remember the days when the iPod ruled our playlists? The sixth-generation iPod Touch, released in 2015, was the last hurrah for this iconic music player. Now, it’s marked as vintage.

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Products that Apple discontinued selling more than five years ago but less than seven years ago are classified as vintage. Apple does still fix older devices, although it depends on the availability of parts at this point. You might still be in luck, if you sent your beloved ipod touch for repair. The iPod Touch to this day, was and still can be our pocket jukebox, and its sleek design and music prowess left an indelible mark on the fans.

Personal Favorite & Conclusion

As a tech enthusiast, my heart belongs to the iPhone 5S. Its compact form, Touch ID, and 64-bit prowess made it a trailblazer. While it’s now obsolete, I’ll forever cherish its impact on the smartphone world. I will never forget how perfectly it sat in the palm of my hands, which sadly is a nightmare for phones which have been releasing recently. Everyone is competing for a bigger screen, rather than where it matters.

As we bid farewell to these devices, let’s celebrate their impact on our lives—the way they fit in our pockets, played our favorite tunes, and adorned our desks. So here’s to vintage memories and the promise of what lies ahead in Apple’s ever-evolving journey.

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