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The Directorate of Customs IPR Enforcement destroyed a large quantity of counterfeit Unilever products as part of its efforts to control spurious and counterfeit products in Pakistan.

Unilever Pakistan partnered with the Customer IPR Enforcement team to identify and restrict the network of counterfeit products.

The destroyed counterfeit consignments were seized over the last year in multiple operations to identify and intercept fake product made locally and imported illegally into the country.


Dr. Arslan Subuctageen, DG Customs highlighted the need for collaboration with the corporate sector, saying:

We have worked closely with Unilever and other MNCs to address and eliminate the sources of counterfeit for brands like Fair and Lovely, Sunsilk and others over the past year and this has helped us identify risks better whilst significantly reducing the inflow of counterfeits in the country.

Aly Yusuf, Finance Director, Unilever Pakistan added:

Consumer safety is a top priority for us and the presence of counterfeit products threatens the wellbeing of our consumers. With timely and strategic action from the Customs IPR Enforcement team, we have ensured that the counterfeit products were confiscated and destroyed. It works for the benefit of consumers, us and the national exchequer.

Counterfeits pose multiple threats to consumer health and safety as they are typically produced with harmful ingredients and without regard for users’ wellbeing. Low-quality personal care counterfeits carry significant hazards and can even lead to long term health issues.