I am a sucker for good crispy fried stuff. Throw in some juicy, succulent chicken and I am a happy trooper. Being a foodie through and through, the thing I miss most is a good crispy chicken experience. So I am always on the lookout for a good option.

Unfortunately, I have been incredibly unlucky in finding one. The ones available are so covered in fried dough that it feels like you are eating ‘a pakora’. Or they are incredibly stringy and dry, making it impossible to swallow without taking big gulps of water alongside.


My search for that perfect piece of fried chicken has gone on too long and still is futile. The thing that most eateries don’t get is that using too much batter in a bid to make chicken crispy is useless. It only ruins the flavor of the chicken. Too much batter and too little chicken; that might be enough for some people. For a serious foodie like me, it is a huge disappointment.

Even as I write this sad tale of mine, I remember this one meal I had abroad where the chicken was so scrumptious I still have pleasant dreams about it. It was the perfect blend of crunch and succulence. The crispy layer outside was just enough to bite into and the soft tender chicken inside was cooked to perfection. I went crazy eating that.

What does a woman have to do to get a perfect piece of fried chicken around here? I can’t just hop on a plane and go abroad every time my heart (stomach and brain) decide that nothing will satisfy my cravings for fried chicken. Nor am I that good a cook to make some at home myself.

I just came across this teaser which sent my heart racing once more. It certainly looks promising and I for one am incredibly excited to try it out.