CSR: Golden Star for Honda


July 28, 2013 – Honda launched its “Pedestrian Protection” campaign, redesigning their latest automobiles in favor of safety – ‘but for not only those inside the car, but also outside of it’.

Car safety protocol for a long time has had been more or less the same, Seatbelts, Airbags, Disc Brakes and dashboards devoid of sharp objects.

Recent additions to this protocol from Honda Automobiles is more focused on human life outside the car itself, the pedestrians.

This addition consists of breakaway wipers, hoods with space between them and engines to absorb impact energy and exterior airbags designed to keep a pedestrian’s head from hitting the windshield.

Honda’s safety precautions, which address the numerous fatal casualties in road accidents all over the world is a positive step towards image building for the company.

There may be an evident reluctance in paying extra for not the buyer’s safety, marketers believe Honda earns five stars in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

The five stars can definitely lead to profitability if packaged correctly.