new drug for covid people
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The pandemic era has really enveloped all of us. Where we used to think the virus is contained in one country, we were proven otherwise. It took less than a year for the whole world to come under the grip of this tyrant.

Countless people have lost their lives and many more have recovered from it. It can attack every person differently so one must tread with extreme caution. Now, we have found out that there is a new drug in testing.

Since the vaccine was first introduced to the public, people have been getting their shots. Every day, we see more and more people protecting themselves from covid-19. Since it began, there has been extensive research, be it related to a drug or new strains.

Now, the vaccine isn’t quite widespread but the progress is steady. In light of such news, we have a new drug that seemed to have cleared some testing. According to reports, it could help Covid-19 patients breathe on their own.

COvid and new drug
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A New Drug

This is going by the name of Lenzilumab, from Humanigen. Apparently, about 540 patients were given this drug in a randomized trial. According to the reports of the result, many people did not require the need of a ventilator. Yes, the drug increased survival chances by 52%. This percentage shows that the people were more likely to breathe on their own and survive rather than through a mechanical ventilator.

The drug was tested many times in individuals less than the age of eighty-five. Patients who have received steroids in treatment were also given this drug. According to the results, their survival chances went up by 92%. This seems like quite a significant development in the battle against the virus. It shows that many people can recover without the need to go on a ventilator.

Fighting the battle

While this is certainly good news, we must remember that this battle is still ongoing. We must continue practising various social distancing procedures. Being vaccinated does not mean that you roam outside without a mask. God forbid, you may catch another strain of the virus, one which is not in the vaccine’s fighting grounds. The number of cases has been going high and Pakistan is going through its worst wave yet. There is no telling what lies in store for the future but we can hope for the best.

The chief of Humanigen has also stated that this is definitely a big step forward in the fight against covid. It shows that there is still a lot of work to be done and there is potential in this drug. When it hits the market in bulk, maybe it brings out better news and good feedbacks. We hope you stay as far away as possible from people, especially these days. You never know when you might brush past someone who has been exposed.

new drug for covid patients
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