Cornetto has always appeared as the brand for romanticists – mushy and full of love.

But this time the delicious ice-cream cone producer went an extra mile to play cupid with its new campaign“Cornetto Secret Love Service”.

“To enable the youth of Pakistan to celebrate their romance in secret. To guide them in the most confused stages of their lives ensuring that they enjoy the ride & love the ending,” states the mission statement on the campaign’s FB page.

To celebrate its launch on Valentine’s Day, Cornetto organized a savvy dance “Flash Mob” at Dolmen Mall Clifton. 

Check out the groovy Dance Mob headed by the popular choreographer Hasan Rizvi below:

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With its 5 “Love Agents” aboard on its secret service, Cornetto is claiming to be a life-saver for the love-worn, seeking advice to sort out their hopeless love lives.


Need help to win over your loved one? Reach out to anyone of our Love Agents and you’ll get the coolest love tip in town!For more details log on to:

Posted by Cornetto Secret Love Service on Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Agent Flirtybee seems to be the cheeky one who will have all the pick-up-lines and flirt moves to woo over your “bae”.

To solve all the relationship dilemmas, you have the Agent Choc-a-lot while Agent B&W will steer you clear of all the confusion on the love ride.

For flattering ways to celebrate love, you can head to the master of all agents, Agent Classique.

Moreover, the Cornetto’ s lovey-dovey service include the “Song Generator”, which can help you to dedicate a cheesy song to your beloved.

If not a song, then you can definitely choose one of Cornetto’s Love E-cards to profess your undying affection.

Having trouble expressing yourself with your bae? Cornetto Love agents are here to help! Log on, pick your favorite agent and let them say what you cant say!Log on to

Posted by Cornetto Secret Love Service on Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Cornetto has also enabled its own desi love dictionary “Cornectionary”, equipped with hilarious and clichéd love terms.

He: I know I’m strange, but what are you?She: Babezilla!Log on to for more!

Posted by Cornetto Secret Love Service on Thursday, February 26, 2015


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