An institution in London, City Litt College is offering a month-long course in the art of taking selfies which will cover topics like memory, selfhood and identity. The course costs £160 commencing in March and it is titled as“The art of photographic self-portraiture”.

Renowned practitioners for the art of taking selfies will be invited for guest lectures during the course as well. This obviously makes one think of the likes of Ellen DeGeneres and Kim Kardashian.

Self-portraiture is not an unfamiliar phenomenon amongst artists and painters since a very long time ago, however it has transitioned to photographs, since the past two or three years now.

It is the age of Narcissism and catering to the Self, and we daily see signs of how self-involved we are becoming as a species, whether it’s through the rampant indulgent over-use of social media profiles or it’s the constant high-life standards we are striving for by succumbing to the consumer economy.

Professional cameras and photographic material will be used as aid for the learning, and the course will theoretically consist of lectures, presentations and projects about this particular skill as well.

The art of taking good selfies is not easily mastered, as we all know, and judging by the quantity of the Instagram posts of some people, practice makes the best of learners.

However, this course aims to take the art of taking selfies to a more serious and professional level.