Coke Studio Allegedly Accused of Ripping Off Classic Songs

Film producer, Javed Waraich is planning to sue Coke Studio for ripping off classic songs and penalizing the studio with a whopping PKR 5 crore fine for reviving the classic song, Hina Ki Khushbu, without permission.

While Coke Studio season 8 is taking the music industry and audience by storm, the veteran music producers are quite miffed with the way the platform is ripping classic songs without permission.

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According to a report by Roznama Express, producer Javed Waraich, is planning to fine Coke Studio with a hefty PKR 5 crore for using the classic song, Hina Ki Khushbu, from his brother Chaudhry Pervaiz Waraich’s movie, Mere Huzoor, without taking due permission.

The original song was sung by legends, Malika-e-Tarannum, Noor Jehan, and Shahanshah-e-Ghazal, Mehdi Hasan for the movie. The revived version, on the other hand, is sung by amateurs, Asim Azhar and Samra Khan in the Coke Studio season 8 and the tune is apparently “ruined”, as claimed by Waraich.

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While Waraich is all up for supporting the music industry with platforms like Coke Studio, he is strictly against “ruining” classic tunes and having them revived by youngsters without permission.

Coke Studio is expected to receive a court notice addressing the issue by Waraich’s lawyer soon.

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Yet another music producer, Farooq Rao, believes that Coke Studio is spreading “confusion rather than fusion” via its stage.

While Coke Studio across the world, serves the purpose of promoting culture via music, Pakistani version of the music platform is receiving criticism by not following the necessary copyright legal procedures prior to recreating legendary classic songs.