Coca Cola uses the popular wohi khuda hai in its Ramadan TVC
By Ufaq Ashfaque


Coca Cola, an international brand, pulled the heart chords of many Pakistanis when Rahat Fateh Ali’s voice, singing ‘wohi khuda hai’, boomed through the television sets across Pakistan. 

Coke played on its original big idea of happiness and love. Not many years ago Coke was looking to establish its name in the Pakistani market and we can now safely say that it has successfully adapted the host country’s culture.

With Ramadan’s arrival, Coke an already established market and a strong position in the industry looks ahead for capturing the attention of its audience.

The brand has played well with the concept of Islam, religious practices and cultural values.  These are factors that often give success to brands as cultures are held closely by people.

Ramadan has strong value associated with it.  A global phenomenon, this month marks new beginning for people and Coca Cola manages to connote with this celebration.

From “Albela rahi” to “Wohi  khuda hai”, we wonder what’s the next offering in Coke’s playlist!


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