China and Pakistan are about to create history once again. Reportedly, Pakistan will purchase ‘Liaoning’ an aircraft carrier from China in order to compete with India.

It is expected that purchasing the carrier will help Pakistan Navy and will also benefit Pakistan’s military relationship with China.

Media reports have hinted that the Chinese plan on carrying out a ‘large-scale upgrade’ of China’s first aircraft carrier, the Liaoning, and ‘sell it to Pakistan to compete with India.’

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Reports have furthermore stated that the carrier will be ready to be sold to Pakistan by 2020. The reports claim that Pakistan is the ideal destination for the aircraft.

According to Chinese Navy strategists, Karachi and Gwadar are listed under ‘PLA Navy (PLAN) base’ and ‘logistics base’ respectively.

On the other hand, Liaoning is not the only military level carrier or vehicle China wants to sell to Pakistan. China wants to trade military weapons, warships, missiles, nuclear weapon technology and a lot more with Pakistan to benefit both countries.

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