Did you know, 80% child burn cases reported in 2018 were caused by tea related spills?Which means, every third household has a child burn victim.

Children being around tea or even having tea is a common thing in Pakistani households, which makes it all the more likely for them to get burnt.

Yes, THAT’S how common these burns are, yet nobody talks about them, let along do something to prevent them.

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Therefore, it was essential to create awareness on the matter and the #ChaiKaNishaan campaign for burns.pk has done a great job in that regard:


It is a compelling video that elaborates on how widespread the issue of child burn is, how easily it is ignored and neglected, and how important it is for adults in Pakistani households to be careful with their hot tea.

It was wonderful to see that, once the video was out, many social media users began commenting below it to share their own stories of causing/witnessing/experiencing burns from hot tea.



Log on to Burns.pk and sign a petition that makes it obligatory for tea labels, distributors and sellers to post a warning message on their labels/shops/assets.

This petition, once it reaches its goal, will be submitted to the Ministry of Health Services Regulations and Coordination.

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Have you experienced something similar? And does this campaign convince you to be more careful and sign the petition to prevent these accidents from occurring so frequently?

Let us know in the comments.

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