Celebrities Come In Support For Mahira Khan After She Was Trolled On Twitter

Celebrities Come in Support of Mahira
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Gorgeous ‘Verna’ actress never shy away from voicing her opinions and thoughts. She is socially active and keep updating her twitter family updated with the latest happenings in her life. Mahira Khan is a celebrity we all adore and she has always been very straightforward.

The Pakistani actress has been trolled and abused for putting up her opinion in time and again.

This time Mahira Khan tweeted about the death sentence of former Army Chief Pervez Musharraf and was disrespected on Twitter.

The troll abused Mahira Khan, called her ‘2 takkay ki‘ and she handled the situation quite smartly.

Mahira Khan Tweeted: “Yehi toh rona hai.. keh Allah ki laathi beawaaz hai. Awaaz aani chahiye laathi ki.”

And this was the troll’s response 

In his response Khan wrote Aap ki zehniat aap ke lafzon mein saaf nazar aati hai. Meri kamai halal ki hai, warna aap ko achay school bhejnay ka zima mein uthati! Jahan tak baat rahi 2 takay ki.. hum jaisi auretein apney aap par qeemat nahi lagati, na hi kisi aur insaan par.”

To her support Shaan Shahid tweeted:

Furthermore, actress Humaima Malick tweeted in favor of Mahira Khan.

As vile as that comment was, we love how Mahira Khan clapped back and threw shade in such a classy way about issues that need discussion.

It’s always good to see how Pakistani celebs come together to support each other and have one another’s back. Khan is one of Pakistan’s most popular and highest-paid actresses, and the recipient of several awards, including three Lux Style Awards and five Hum Awards.

Let us know what you all think about how people constantly troll popular celebs without caring about the fact that they work hard to entertain their fans.

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