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Sarmad Ali, Managing Director, Jang Group | CEO Stories Brandsynario

Join us for an insightful interview with Sarmad Ali, Managing Director of Jang Group, as he delves into the world of digital advertising, print...

Meera for Baaji: She reveals why she chose this role!

Team Brandsynario met Meera to discuss her strong, sensational role in her comeback film, Baaji. Watch the video to see what she had to...

How to Cope with Mental Disorder

Dr Veronica Carey, Assistant Dean of Diversity and Student Affairs, Drexel University talks to us about Psychiatric Rehabilitation at the Recovery House in Karachi.

Rizla Rehan plays “Are You The Ultimate Cricket Fan” with Brandsynario

Are you a bigger fan of cricket than Rizla? Test your knowledge by answering the questions in the video now!

Laal Kabootar Cast ft. Mansha Pasha and & Ahmed Ali Akbar Talks to Brandsynario

The talented cast of Laal Kabootar spill the beans about the movie's story and their role in the film

Every Child’s Life is Precious!

SADA Welfare Foundation is a charitable organisation that focuses on child health. It provides blood products and medicines to underprivileged young patients free of...

Brandsynario plays lame jokes with Sheheryar and Maya Ali

It’s Team Sheheryar versus Team Maya. The team which laughs loses a point to the other team. Watch the video for the lamest jokes...

‘Kashmir’ the band plays Antakshari with Brandsynario

Watch Kashmir the band compete against each other! We have divided them into teams of 3 each to play Antakshri.

Junaid Khan spills the beans about his upcoming drama ‘Hania’

Upcoming Pakistani drama titled ‘Hania’ revolves around the complexity a woman go through after she gets married off forcefully by her parents. The drama...

Grand Brand Genius 2018 Fernando Machado , CMO Burger King America at AdAsia Lahore

Fernando Machado , CMO Burger King America talks about Pakistan as an investors market, digital innovation and his being a part of AdAsia Lahore...

Pitch 100 Superwomen 2019: Synergy Dentsu’s Maria Shamsi Makes it to the List!

Maria Shamsi, Creative Director, Synergy Advertising shares an important message for women in advertising!

How does it feel to be part of AdAsia Lahore 2019

AdAsia Lahore returns to Pakistan after 30 years. International speakers share their experience with us

Ali Habib, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer, HBL | CEO Stories Brandsynario

Watch Ali Habib, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer, HBL discuss how good marketing is about inspiring hopes and fulfilling dreams. #Brandsynario #HBLPSL #HBL #JahanFansWahanStadium @TheRealPCB...

Most Googled Questions With Mahira Khan

From her salary, phone number to how we can meet her, Mahira Khan answers the most googled questions about her! #MahiraKhan #Interview #Noori #SuperstarFilm #HUMFilms...

Yasuharu Sasaki, ECD Dentsu INC. talks about innovative ad campaigns at AdAsia Lahore 2019

From using an AI copywriter to showcasing highly creative concepts in advertising , Yasuharu Sasaki , Executive Creative Director Dentsu INC left the audience...

Eva Travels Pakistan With Jazz: Exclusive Interview With International Vlogger

Eva Zu Beck Opens About How Much She Loves Pakistan & its People. Guess which is her favorite city?

Hajra Yamin Trolling Her Trolls

Watch Pinky Memsaab’s lead actress Hajra Yamin trolling her trolls like a boss!

Brandsynario asked people how they fight depression

We spoke to people about how they deal with their depression on a day to day basis. Watch to learn some useful tips that...

Hajra Yamin talks to Brandsynario

Watch Hajra Yamin’s exclusive interview with Brandsynario about her upcoming movie pinky memsaab. We are really looking forward to her role in the movie...