Last week, social media was on fire with the news of Saudi Arabia uplifting the long-standing ban on female drivers. Ladies of the nation will be allowed to drive from June 2018.

The new rule provided a massive opportunity for car brands. It is important to note that Saudi Arabia is already a big market for car manufacturers. Now the upcoming customers are bound to transform the nation’s purchasing habits in the automotive landscape.  Without further ado, the automobile brands, poured in their well-thought artworks to support women driving, capitalizing on this huge opportunity at the same time.

With well-timed adverts and creative promotions, they tried to attract their new consumers in the Middle East and dominate the market.

Check our most favorite print ads rolled out by auto brands 

  1. Fords Middle East

In a Twitter post, Ford Motor Co. tweeted an image of a woman’s eyes appearing in a rear-view mirror.

2) Land Rover Mena

Joining the bandwagon, Land Rover also posted an ad with an image of some women essentials and a car key spilling out of a handbag

3) Nissan Middle East

Nissan, on the other hand, played smartly by publishing a number plate in Arabic that says, “2018” and “GRL.”

4) Cadillac Arabia

Cadillac Arabia surely put women on top of the world with this sassy print ad!

5) Volkswagen ME

The brand wins over the rest with an advert that oozes with women empowerment!

6) BMW

BMW came up with an idea of his and hers parking spots, with the words “Reserve your spots ladies, June 2018 is just around the corner.

An analysis of the new reform

While the permission to drive will be a great change for women, the move will also modernize the kingdom’s economy.

According to BBC news, as many as ten million new drivers will be hitting the road in the upcoming months and will give a mighty boost to the auto market.

It is being predicted that more news will come out of KSA over the major change!

Opening up the car market even further will not only amplify the demand for vehicles but also for related products as insurance, loans and billboard ads.

People who work as drivers should be afraid about their jobs as now women will take their place behind the wheel. Not to forget, ride-hailing services like Uber too will face a massive downfall in sales as their business will be compromised due to the new development.

Contributed by: Zermina 

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