The best memories are made out on the road. Whether it is screaming at the car ahead of you for being too slow. Or laughing your head off at the quote written on a bus. Sure staying home, looking like a troll is what everyone wants, but at times putting on a new, cleaner face to brave the world has its perks too. And that involves leaving the house and driving to a particular destination.

Learning to drive for the young ones is full of excitement. But little do they know that once they perfect the task, they are turned into the designated driver for all their family and friends. Whether mum needs to go to the tailor’s or aunt wants to go shopping, the minute you take control of the steering wheel, your life is no longer your own. But now there’s a way out of that.

The many phases of being a driver
The many phases of being a driver

The state of public transport in Pakistan makes most people want to stay home. But now you can just Careem it! Car not cooperating? Not in the mood to face the traffic? Just book a car from Careem service and be on your way. Who here hasn’t begged their brothers or dads to take them somewhere only to be met with a stare that said ‘we disown you.’ Now you don’t have to.

Careem car service has revolutionised the transport system in Pakistan. Karachi and Lahore have already gotten too used to this service. It’s a hassle-free option that allows you to relax, look out of the window and reflect on life. Plus you get to play your favorite song and pretend to be in a music video!

The service is already a norm in Karachi and Lahore. Now Careem is expanding its focus to include Islamabad. Since the city is famous for not being easily impressed, the service is leaving no stone unturned. In order to get the attention of the masses, it is letting go of traditional form of advertising. Instead of boring old billboards, you can see creative memes on billboards that are simple yet funny. The attention span of drivers on the road is very limited. The creative billboards use that time to get the message across and still share a laugh.

Even their digital advertising is different from competition. Simple, minimalistic and getting the message through in a funny way.

Careem Car service is always making headlines because of the fun and interactive ways they engage their audience. The message they give across is that anyone can use the service. It is user-friendly and hassle free. Given the history, it isn’t a surprise they chose to go beyond the norm to advertise their services. One can only wait for what they come up next.