Karachi, April 18, 2020: In collaboration with leading charity partners across Pakistan, Careem is providing a platform where customers can digitally donate COVID-19 testing kits to hospitals and items of essential needs to those who have been most impacted by the recent pandemic. Careem has been distributing hundreds of ration bags to the community on a daily basis in collaboration with credible charities.

Through this innovation, Careem will lead a shift in how people think about charity. Technology will act as an enabler virtually allowing a seamless mechanism for donations while maintaining social distancing standards and ensuring contactless engagement. The app will eliminate any logistical limitations and maintain social distancing, unfastening peoples’ hearts to donate at the ease of their smartphone and click of a button. Donations can be made either through Careem PAY(wallet) or through debit or a credit card.

Customers can use the app to contribute monetarily with charities who are at the forefront of providing relief efforts. These charities include, Saylani Welfare Trust, Karachi Relief Fund and Rizq. The relief packages range from rupees 1700 /- to 3700/- including delivery cost, helping a family of four(4) fulfilling essential needs for upto three(3) weeks. A relief bag will include groceries such as flour, rice, daal (lentils) oil and salt. With some partners Careem will also be executing the delivery of relief packages to deserving households which are part of the initiative.

Zeeshan Hasib Baig, Country General Manager Careem Pakistan commented, “Careem’s mission of simplifying and improving the lives of people has become more important than ever. We are making every possible effort to support credible charities but also create a seamless mechanism for people to contribute while sitting at home, maintaining social distance and also generate income for our captains”

Furthermore, with an extremely limited number of testing kits available in the country, customers can also choose to donate a testing kit to Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital for rupees 8000/-.

Donations can be made either through a customer’s Careem wallet or through debit/credit card. The Careem community has always come together in times of need, and we hope our
customers can help us be Careem to the community.